Daniel Clowes @ MCA - Must see!

I can't believe that it took me this long to finally see the Daniel Clowes exhibit at the MCA (it ends on October 13, 2013). But I guess better late then never. I was able to come in on a free admission evening to enjoy the show with what I thought would be minimal crowds. Such was the case as I walked into the museum but as I made my way up the stairs toward the exhibit I realized that I was about to fall into pool of nerds, hipsters and art school students who were there for the same thing as me. Despite the road blocks of beards and thick rimmed glasses the show was one to be remembered. The main gallery was reminiscent of a high-ceilinged simple church or cathedral but rather than being decorated with delicate frescoes it featured clips of illustrations by the artist and textured art panels spanning from floor to ceiling. Several seating areas resembled intimate confessionals and lines of comic books behind thick plastic that might have well been hundred year old illuminated manuscripts. Watch the nerds drool and pray...

Long story short - 5 days left - go see the show.