Living and Sustaining a Creative Life

Living and Sustaining a Creative Life by Sharon Louden is comprised of essays by 40 working artists who talk about - you guessed it - how they live and sustain a creative life.
I am only half of the way into the book but would recommend it to any artist who is just starting out or a curious soul who wants an inside track on how artists really make it work . The essays that I have read so far came from artists Jenny Marketou, Jennifer Dalton, Jay Davis and George Stoll (cover art) just to name a few. Yes, there are expected differences in the stories they present but one of the underlying themes that stuck with me was "time management". 

My college art teacher said that you have to make time to make art and as you grow older it gets more and more challenging do that. This I completely understand from experience and some of the artists featured in the book spoke of how they had to adapt after having children which I imagine is a huge time suck.

There could be a multitude of things that can try to throw you off of the creative track - maybe you fall ill or someone close to you does. Perhaps you encounter financial hardship or you simply don't get the support and encouragement from your loved ones to follow your creative path. Whatever it may be, one has to adapt and not lose sight of their creativity and their craft.

This book is an inspiration so far and I can't wait to read the last half of it this weekend.

I challenge you to write your own essay on how you live your creative life. Write it just for you and keep adding to it every now and then. I imagine that 5, 10, 20 years from now it would be an amazing story to look back on.