The Street is My Gallery

"The Street is My Gallery" exhibit is hidden on the second floor of the National Hellenic Museum in Greektown. It features over 10 street artists who are currently active in Athens such as STMTS, artist.b, Dreyk the Pirate, and NaPet. The art is being presented as a response to the economic crisis, environmental concerns and immigration among many topics.

Although the exhibit was fun to look at, it would have benefited from including work that spanned a wider space of time. Perhaps showing documented works prior to the 2008 economic crisis and illustrating how street art in Athens has changed over the following years as the nation's economy feel into disarray.

There is no denying that the younger generations of Greece are angry at the lack of opportunities, the astronomical unemployment rate, and the grim outlook for the future. This "frustration" to say the least, should have been reflected in the art that was shown. There was an opportunity to present street art that was much more powerful and much more critical than what was actually shown. They played it safe, which resulted in a pretty exhibit that failed to convey much emotion.