News/Blog - January 2015

Here's one that crawled out of my sketchbook recently. I really like him, and yes, it is a male. I started to sketch out other buddies for him so he can share a frame but I'm still not convinced that he will play well with others. 

Recently, on a weekend trip to Galena, IL I came across this interesting piece of history in the Galena & US Grant Museum. It seems appropriate as we are closing in on Valentine's Day - its a valentine cut by a soldier during the Civil War. They did not specify a date on the piece but the Civil War lasted from 1861-1865 so one can assume that it was created at some point then.  

I just showed this piece at the I AM Logan Square gallery this past Friday for a closing reception of their latest portrait exhibit. The turnout was great and even better is that I got a chance to meet the beautiful woman from the picture in person.  She enjoyed how I had transformed her photo - if she liked it, that's all that matters to me. Success!