The Hairy Who & The Chicago Imagists movie is being screened at the Gene Siskel Film Center in October. Yes! I already have my tickets.

Yesterday, while researching Polish artists I stumbled upon the works of Zdzisław Beksiński (1929-2005) and immediately fell in love.  Attached is an image of an oil painting that was done in 1972, it has no title as he did not name his works.  A great deal of his images can be found on the Dmochowski Gallery website:

This is a good article from Hyperallergic. I've accidentally broken a cheap ceramic bowl in a store before and felt horrible about it so this article made me cringe...

This is actually pretty cool - you can explore old and current street art from around the world.

This book was a great library find but it is so good that I might invest in my own copy.  There is no explanation needed as the title really gives the contents away.  My favorite part is seeing how the street art varies by country and region - all the different styles, topics and surfaces are an unofficial public time stamp created by the artist.

New idea coming together in the sketchbook.

Shortly following my most labor intensive piece, I created my smallest work measuring in at - 2 7/16'' x 3 1/2''.  It is titled Deathwatch, after the beetle pictured in the center of it. The name for the beetle has an interesting origin, here is what the always undoubtedly accurate Wikipedia has to say about it:

The current exhibit on display at the Museum of Contemporary Photography is called Home Truths: Photography and Motherhood. The exhibit features 9 artist and as the website states "aims to challenge long-held stereotypes and sentimental views of motherhood by addressing issues such as gender roles, domesticity, the body and the identity of individuals within the family unit".

I'm finally done with my latest creation, this was the most labor intensive piece so far and took 4 months.  It is very exciting to see it done, it is 30'' x 24'' and has many layers and countless individual pieces.  Here is a close up of a small portion of it.    



It snuck up on me once again, the artist registration for ArtPrize 2014 opened today and goes until June 5.

What is ArtPrize?

ArtPrize® is a radically open, independently organized international art competition and a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.