How about a lunchtime visit to the Christopher Wool exhibit at AIC? Yes, please. That is exactly what I did today after scarfing down an excessively re-heated quiche in about four minutes.

I made my way to the exhibit with a burnt tongue and high spirits and not a bit of me was disappointed. Here is my favorite wall. If I had to pick I'd be the fourth one in on the lower right.


Living and Sustaining a Creative Life by Sharon Louden is comprised of essays by 40 working artists who talk about - you guessed it - how they live and sustain a creative life.

The Best Offer (La Migliore Offerta) stars Geoffrey Rush as Virgil Oldman, a successful auctioneer whose sterile life unravels when a young and reclusive client, whom he eventually falls in love with, enters his life.

Many times we cannot remember why we like certain things or activities or where our habits originated. I can say that for myself for many things - I simply have no clue why I like certain things or why I have the habits that I have - except for one.

I heart working with paper - that is no secret. But why? Until recently, I didn't have an answer to that question.

Recently, I picked up a fun new book from my local bookstore. The book is called Paper Cutting – Contemporary Artists/Timeless Craft by Laura Heyenga and it features 26 contemporary artists that have a way of manipulating paper in such a way that will make a viewer never look at the medium in the same way again.

Today, I visited the SAIC Graduate Open House. Over breakfast at the event, I sat next to a woman who wanted to study art therapy so she can assist recently discharged war veterans with their transition to civilian life. In the afternoon, I met a young lady who traveled from Nebraska to be at the event. During lunch, I had a fun conversation with a man who is originally from Puerto Rico.

I can't believe that it took me this long to finally see the Daniel Clowes exhibit at the MCA (it ends on October 13, 2013). But I guess better late then never. I was able to come in on a free admission evening to enjoy the show with what I thought would be minimal crowds.

The trip to Grand Rapids this year was awesome!

Near death experience - check.
Great company - check.
More art than you know what to do with - check.

(106) Gallery was a perfect venue. Sleek, professional and in an area with great foot traffic.