About Karolina

My chosen way of creating art originates from my childhood during the time when two things I greatly enjoyed were stickers and wycinanki (Polish paper art). Many years and a continent later, the two things have combined into an even bigger part of my life than they were before.

My final pieces are created from many separate drawn elements arranged and glued together. The pieces are made independently and when they are backed with adhesive they quickly transform into elaborate stickers.

I make art because I can't imagine not making it. My art is a vehicle that lets me enjoyably elevate my thinking to a level that goes beyond the superficial motions of day to day.

My current work focuses on different subject matters that stem from personal experiences. I take inspiration from my surroundings, whether it be other artists, magazine articles, memories from childhood or topics I would like to learn more about.  

Ink pens of various sizes are used in creating the main drawn elements through solid lines and crosshatching. The ink drawings are then cut out using an x-acto blade and layered with other pieces of bristol board or shaded paper and then cut out again. This process is repeated until the desired depth and detail are created. Layers within the image are carried into the background and foreground starting from a central sheet of paper. White and black colored pencils and washes of ink are added in the last step of the process.